The Assisi Community - Washington D.C.
Tools: Faber-Castell Pen
"Endsheet Composition"
Tools: Faber-Castell Pens, Sketchbook, Ruler, Adobe Photoshop
The following art was commissioned by Hyphenated-American, an event hosted by the Ideas for Creative Exploration. The art was focused on expressing the struggle, perseverance, and cultures of Latinos.
Tools: Charcoal

Left: "The First Flight"
Right: "The Legacy"
"The Music Sketches"
Tools: Pens and Watercolors
Continuing the personal tradition of a thirty-day creative project, in April 2015 I created one illustration a day based on a song that resonated with me. 

View the full project on Instagram: #themusicsketches

"The Long Path" 
Inspired by PHOX's song "Slow Motion" (Day 4)
"Nature's Kiss" 
Inspired by Oketo's song "Like a Child"  (Day 5)
"Waking Gaze" 
Inspired by Son & Thief's song "High & Low" (Day 6)
"The Lady of Birds"
Inspired by Baths' song "Aminals" (Day 22)
"The Delivery Boy"
Submissions for the State Botanical Garden of Georgia at the University of Georgia Art Competition: 2015
Tools: Watercolors and Faber-Castell Pens

"Treasure of the Forest" 
(Certificate of Merit Recipient)
"My Friend by the River"
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